Best Harley Davidson Men’s Watches

Watches are equivalent to style statements for men who love them and are always tempted to include more and more in their collection. It enhances the look of any outfit and moreover gives them an inner satisfaction. Designing a watch, however, is not easy. It can be challenging artwork and needs dedication and skill. Every single step to creating a watch is delicate because accuracy is extremely important.

Different watches are available in the market having sporty, classy, or casual designs. You can choose among them in accordance with your personality, comfort, and the current fashion trends. While vintage watches never really go out of style, trendy watches can be funky and cool.

Are you bored of wearing the same watch again and again? Are you confused about which watch to add to your collection? Or do you want to buy a watch to gift your loved one?

Here we have prepared a guide for you, listing the Top Harley Davidson watches for men, which are designed and manufactured by Bulova with Harley Davidson logos and designs.

Harley watches are iconic and exclusive. These luxury watches are durable and are available at affordable prices for Harley Davidson fans. Live a Harley lifestyle by choosing your favorite ones now!

Harley-Davidson Bulova Men’s Watch, Antique Medallion Skull Dial, 76A11

Harley Davidson brand is known for its quality products.

This watch looks beautiful and stylish because of its unique matte finish.

This watch has a stainless steel silver belt and a case with a round dial.

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It is water resistant up to a depth of 165 feet (50m). The dial has ‘Harley Davidson Motorcycles’ written in an attractive font in the form of a circle on the outer boundary. In the centre, there is a Willie G Skull Medallion. Its hour and minute hands are luminous, while the second hand is black in color.

It has links on the band which help you adjust it according to your wrist size. Pair this watch along with other Harley accessories and your biker look is ready.

Verdict: The only concern with this watch is that some people may find it a bit heavy. If you have a big wrist and you prefer watches with big dials, then this watch is not a perfect choice.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Bulova Watch 78A109

This watch looks particularly stunning and will surely impress you.

It has ‘Harley-Davidson Motorcycles’ written in a silver-chrome font on the black background of the dial.

It also has an image of the Willie G skull with feathers.

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All three hands are luminous on the dial. Its band is made of stainless steel and has an ion-plated black colored highlight in its center. This is to complement the color of the dial.

This watch is also water resistant up to the depth of 325 feet and weighs 209 grammes which makes it a little heavy. The band of the watch has almost the same grip as that of the handlebar of the bike.

Verdict: It is very comfortable to wear. The band is so designed that its links do not cause discomfort on the wrist. It is a must-buy for Harley fans.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Bulova Black Willie G Skull Wrist Watch 78A114

This Harley-Davidson watch is one of a kind.

It is the star watch in the collection and looks unique.

It has an embossed Willie G Skull with luminous orange-colored eyes and a nose.

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It comes in a stainless steel case with black ion plating.

The minute and hour hand are also orange in color, while the second hand is half black and half orange. The second hand also has the signature ‘HD’ counterweight at its end. Even the markers around the dial are luminous. The orange color is significant of the enthusiasm of the Harley fan and the success of the brand.

The band is made up of synthetic leather.

This watch goes very well with a completely black outfit. But this watch does not match traditional outfits and is made only for casual looks.

Verdict: You can also gift this watch to your loved ones who are Harley fans. Don’t think much, just buy it!

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Harley Davidson 76A019 Men’s Black Dial Bracelet Watch

Stainless steel watches are always in fashion and never goes out of trend.

It is bound to grab the attention of your friends.

This awesome watch with a black dial has a stainless steel case and band.

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With a HD logo in the background, it has white-colored minute and hour hands with orange tips. The second hand is just orange in color.

The band has a fold-over buckle. Like other HD watches, this watch is water resistant up to 165 feet. There are links in the band which helps you adjust the watch according to your wrist size.

This signature HD Bar and Shield watch has an extraordinary design and goes well with all outfits on all occasions. You can complete your casual or sporty look with this Harley accessory.

Verdict: Buy this watch for your friend, husband, or boyfriend, and they’ll love it! If you don’t believe us, just buy this watch and see what happens.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Bulova Stainless Steel Black Leather Date Watch 76B163

This charcoal grey watch has a unique charm.

The manufacturer Bulova also gives a 2-year warranty with this watch.

It has a black leather band and a black dial with luminous hands.

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The band also has HD written on it in silver. There is an attractive date window in the dial on this watch. The second hand also has the signature HD counterweight in it.

This accessory goes well with both traditional as well as casual looks. It can be worn by men of all age groups for all possible occasions.

Verdict: The watch is a good specimen of excellent craftsmanship, and having this one in your watch collection is a must! The only concern with this watch is that the leather belt might not last for long and has to be replaced after some years.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Bulova Watch, Embossed Bar & Shield Stainless Steel 76B169

The design of the watch is elaborate with great detail and looks very classy.

This water resistant HD watch has a black round dial with raised numerals.

There is the H-D Bar & Shield logo on the background.

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Its hands and markers are luminous making it easy to read while driving during night time. Markers are orange and silver in color. This watch also has the signature H-D counterweight on its second-hand and the design of the hour and the minute hands is very attractive.

Its dial has a stylized date window in it, which is usually preferred by men. It also comes in a case made of stainless steel. The band is also made of steel with an additional fold-over push-button clasp feature, complete with a safety lock.

The manufacturer also provides a 2-year warranty with this watch.

Verdict: It can be worn on all occasions and looks well with all outfits. If you prefer having only one watch in your collection at a time, go for this one! The only con of this watch is that it becomes difficult to read at times because of the same color of the hands and the markers.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Chronograph Motorcycle Piston Watch, Stainless Steel 76B172

This stylish H-D watch has a six-hand chronograph, and its design is inspired from a motorcycle bearing cap piston–a true biker watch for a Harley fan.

It has a Harley Bar and Shields logo on the top.

This water resistant watch has a black dial and silver hands with orange-colored tips.

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Its second hand, like the other watches, has a signature HD counterweight in orange.

It comes with a stainless steel case and black leather strap which has black stitching on it. There are three smaller dials on the main dial with their adjustment buttons on the side of the dial.

Verdict: This watch is available at a reasonable price and deserves a place in your watch collection because of its exclusive design. The design of this watch, however, may make it difficult for some people to read and adjust the smaller dials of the watch.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Six-Hand Chronograph Watch, Two-Tone Steel Case 76B175

This HD watch is another beautiful specimen.

It has a black dial with white markers on it.

The HD Bar and Shield logo is printed on a white background using a black script at the top of the dial.

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Its hour and minute hands are white in color, while the second hand is orange with the signature HD counterweight. Harley Davidson is written in orange at the bottom of the dial.

It is packed in a black-colored ion plated stainless steel case. The silver band is a perfect match.

You also have three smaller dials on the main dial and adjustment buttons on its side. The dial at the 3-hour mark is for hours, at the 6-hour mark is for minutes, and at the 9-hour mark is for dates.

Verdict: Investing in this quality watch is worth the money because it will stay in your wardrobe forever. But some people may face some problem in readability of the smaller dials.

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Bulova Willie G Skull Wrist Watch 78B129

The attractive black and gold color combination makes this watch look classy and sporty at the same time.

This watch is from the HD Gearhead Collection.

It has a black leather band and the dial is of the same color.

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This dial has markers, hands and a small HD Bar and Shield logo on the top in gold tone. There is a shadow of a Willie GA Skull in dark black embossed on the grey background.

The case is made of stainless steel and has black ion plating on it. It is water resistant and also has a date window at the 3-hour mark of the dial.

Since a black watch goes well with all colors, it will complement your casual look very well.

Verdict: This watch does not look very good with traditional outfits and can be worn only with casual outfits. It is a worthy investment.

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Time never stops for anyone.

Harley Davidson always promotes living larger than life. You can use these watches and later on gift them to your grandchildren who will still find these years-old watches exclusive and attractive.

Harley Davidson, as a brand, is known for its quality. Different men have different choices, and Bulova caters to their demand by designing unique, stylish watches having the Harley charm.

It doesn’t matter which age group you belong to–what matters is your choice, passion, and love for the brand. Buy your Harley accessory today and become a part of the Harley community!