Motorcycle Rain Footwear Covers

Don’t you just hate it when your expensive riding boots get messed up due to the rain and all the mud it causes? You can save yourself from such situations with the motorcycle rain footwear covers. When you have covered up everything else, then why let your shoes suffer from getting drenched?

You leave your home all well-dressed from head to toe, carrying your matching rain suit. When you get out on the road, heavy rain comes your way. When you reach your destination, your body is dry except your shoes. Your wet shoes will cause you discomfort all day and they do not dry up quickly. So, invest in a pair of shoe covers to keep your shoes and feet dry, too.

Here is a list of the best rain footwear covers for you to choose from.

Astra Depot Waterproof Boot Shoe Cover

These waterproof shoe covers are from the brand Astra Depot.

The length of the bootleg is 14 inches and the length of its heel is about 13.5 inches and its width is 5.5 inches.

The shoe cover will fit the people with a foot size of Euro 44 or 45.

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It comes with a zipper on its side and a buckle for putting it on over your footwear easily.

There is a tight elastic on the top of the boot which will prevent water from entering inside the boots. It seals the shoe perfectly. This shoe cover will cover your feet, ankle, and will reach a little up to the calves. It will efficiently prevent your expensive shoes from getting wet or touching any slush, so when you actually go somewhere important and it rains, you do not have to clean or dry your shoes on arrival. Just wear these shoe covers and you will not have to worry about your shoes anymore.

This boot shoe is perfect for summers, spring, or a rainy day. However, there is no style quotient in wearing these shoe covers, but it is always better than ruining your shoes. The sole has diagonal weaving on it, which will provide friction, and therefore, will be non-slippery. There are reflective high visualization tapes on the cover to provide visibility during night.

Along with bike riding, they can also be worn during snowmobiling.

These shoe covers are good for light purposes but may not able to withstand rough surfaces. There is no ventilation in the shoe covers because it may get filled with water but that makes the legs sweaty inside.

But they are a good deal at such low prices when you’re trying to always have dry shoes, even in the rain.

The weight of this shoe cover is about 10.9 ounces.

This waterproof shoe cover is best suited to street cruising motorcycles.

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Tour Master Deluxe Boot Rain Covers

These deluxe boot rain covers are from the brand Tour Master.

It is black in color which gives it a minimalist cool look.

This rain cover weighs around 11.2 ounces and the dimensions for it are 8 X 5 X 2 inches.

This is best suited for street sports motorcycles.

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The boot covers are made of heavy duty nylon backed with PVC which makes it electricity and heat resistant. The zipper and the buckle make these shoe covers easy to put on and off. The top cuff of the boots has elastic to seal your shoes perfectly inside it so that no water would be able to enter the covers. The Tour Master logo on the boot covers is reflective which makes these boot covers highly visible even when it is dark outside.

Now, if you have got a rain suit which will keep your body warm and dry and a face shield which will cover your face while it rains, but your shoes get all soaked up, then it is a problem. So, if you have these shoe covers you can just put them on and stay dry from head to toe.

They are easy to pack and comfortable to wear over any kind of shoes. Hence, you do not need to carry an extra pair of shoes while you are wearing these boot rain covers.

These shoe covers do not have a hard rubber sole which makes it very easy to store in a compact place. It has elastic around the ankle area to snugly fit your feet inside it.

The toe area of this shoe cover has a waterproof cloth which snugly fits around your toes. Just remember to put your heel on the ground first and then your toes while wearing these shoe covers as the cloth tends to get slippery when it is wet.

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Fasmov Waterproof Anti Slip Motorcycle Biker Rain Boot Shoe Covers

These waterproof shoe covers are produced by the brand Fasmov.

It is shiny black on the outside.

The color of this rain boot shoe cover makes it perfect for the motorcycles of any color.

They will not look out of the place with the rest of your look and your bike.

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It is very easy to put it on and take it off due to the zipper on the sides of the covers. It is manufactured with high quality polyester and rubber. The seams on the shoe covers are sealed with PVC coating. The PVC coating has many benefits. The seam will never break as the PVC is wear resistant. They also are a lifesaver, as they absorb shocks of impacts by distributing the impact of shock throughout the material equally.

This shoe cover will protect your foot from any kind of impact. Sometimes your feet touch the ground while riding your motorcycle with so much impact. It happens when you have to stop abruptly and you were not prepared for it. The PVC coating on these shoe covers will absorb the shock and equally distribute in all parts of the floor, so no part will be injured.

The use of rubber in this covers makes it electrically insulated. It will also resist any heat.

They are affordable, hence, bringing great performance at lower prices. The shoe cover weighs 10.4 ounces and its dimensions are 7.7 x 5.9 x 1.5 inches.

The excess amount of plastic used in these shoe covers makes it impossible for the water to enter into them.

They look a bit bulky, so do not go for these if a minimal and sleek look is what you are looking for.

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ArunnersTM 100% Waterproof Bike Shoes Covers

We know how much all you beautiful ladies out there love your shoes.

You can spend a large part of your savings on the shoes you love.

Then, why do you allow the rain to ruin your perfect shoes?

These shoe covers are from the brand Outdoor_ar. These are made especially for women.

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These shoe covers will protect you from rain as well as snow and slush. Other than protection against the rain water, they will also look super good on your feet. They will not mess with your entire look and will adapt well with the shoes you are wearing under them.

The best part about these shoe covers, which is also the best thing according to all the women, is that these are transparent white shoe covers, which looks great and it will not mess with up with your dress combination. You can wear your regular shoes and then wear these protective shoe covers over them.

The sole of these shoe covers are super thick and carved in such a way to provide you maximum defense against the slippery ground.

They come with zippers on the side to give you ease of putting it on and taking it off. They are tested for protecting your expensive shoes against water and slush.

They are made with 100% polyester with PVC coating. It is very durable and reliable. The PVC coated material makes this shoe cover super shock absorbent. It is also electrically insulated. It will also resist heat.

The sole of this shoe cover is made of high-quality rubber and the patterns on the sole make it non-slippery.

You can not only use it while riding, but you can also use them while doing other household chores like cleaning, gardening, cleaning dishes, etc.

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Wing Store Motorcycling Foldable Flat Waterproof Recycled PVC Men Rain Shoes Covers

These rain shoe covers are from the brand Wing Store.

These shoe covers will protect your shoes from the rain in a very effective way.

The best thing about these rain shoe covers is that it is very portable.

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As these shoe covers are foldable, you can just fold these up and carry these shoe covers in the saddlebag of your motorcycle in a compact and convenient way. So, whenever the rain comes, you can just pull these out of your saddlebag and put them over your shoes.

Along with being waterproof, these shoe covers are going to protect your nice and expensive shoes from snow and dust as well. You can just clean them and use again for the next time you have to step out of your home.

The sole of these shoe covers is hard PVC which are super absorbent of shock and heat. They will not feel slippery on the wet ground. The rest of the body of this shoe cover is made of dacron.

When there is a heavy rain, the dirty and muddy floors of the house is a common sight. Well, not anymore! When you put on these shoe covers over your shoes, no amount of rain can cause water to get to your shoes. If you do not puddle in the muddy water, your shoes will still be the same as they were while you left your home. You can reach your destination with clean shoes and not worry about ruining the floors of the house.

Always keep in mind, that these shoe covers are made to cover up your shoes while it rains when you are riding. You can not expect them to work while you are swimming inside water.

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Tour Master Deluxe Boot Rain Covers

These boot rain covers are from the brand Tour Master.

These are nice black colored shoe covers which will protect your shoes from rain.

This boot cover has a zipper on the side which will allow you the ease of slipping it on and off.

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You can just wear your regular shoe, then put on these shoe covers. They will easily fit over your shoes and you will not even know that they are there. They are super light and will not make your feet feel bulky.

The material that goes into the manufacturing of these boot covers is heavy-duty and high-quality PVC backed nylon. The nylon is a moisture wicking material which makes this shoe covers water resistant and the feet inside these shoe covers will stay sweat-free and comfortable.

The coating of PVC makes these boot covers durable. They are made to last long. The PVC material is also a known insulator of electricity. They are also heat resistant. The nylon used is 500 denier which makes it free from abrasion.

The top cuff of the boot covers have elastic which will seal your foot inside and no water will go inside your shoes.

There are reflective strips for providing visibility during night hours. The sole of this boot cover is hard and rigid. They will not tear easily and will give you a good grip while walking on the surface.

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