Best Harley Davidson Non-Leather Riding Jackets for Women

Fashion is all about being comfortable and with the summers near, you sure would want to buy new light clothes. The problem most bike lovers have is finding the right summer accessories – like a good riding jacket.

While fashion is about being comfortable, it is also about looking your best. You can choose to look trendy or go for vintage – it is totally up to you. The Harley-Davidson Riding Jackets for one can be a great choice for you this summer. They have been designed keeping in mind the fierce modern women who are not afraid to flaunt their style.

From a brand you can trust, here are some of the best riding jackets for you this summer!

Harley Davidson Women’s Starless Mesh Functional Jacket

Block out the heat with this beautiful jacket!

It’s a great buy during the summers and will help you make your ride an easy one – no more sweating out when you don’t need to!

It’s also one of the more comfortable ones we have seen. Here is what we love about it.

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Made of 100% polyester carbolic, it also has a polyester mesh body along with a sleeve lining. This helps in allowing easy breathing when you are wearing the jacket.

The dirt repellent coating on the colored panels help the jacket look clean so you are never inconvenienced.

The jacket has body armour pockets at locations like the elbows, the shoulders, and the back. It also has slightly pre-curved sleeves.

The back of the jacket is elastic and includes adjustable waist tabs. It also has a vertical zipper on the inside for storing personal belongings.

It also showcases graphics that are embroidered on the front and back of the jacket along with stitching in contrasting shades to add to the style quotient of the jacket.

Verdict: This jacket is always ready for action and you will surely not regret purchasing it.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Kestrel Switchback Lite Riding Jacket

Ride into the party in style with the all new Harley Davidson jacket!

It’s one of the most lightweight options for you, and looks quite trendy too.

You would love the intricate designs and embroidery all over.

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Made of 100% polyester, the jacket has a body made of polyester mesh and also has linings under the sleeves.

Is water-resistant, and possesses white mesh venting panels that allow breathability during hot days.

The jacket showcases body armour pockets that are placed at the elbows, the shoulders, and at the back.

It has sleeves that are pre-curved and buckle tabs at the waist along with back waist elastic tabs in a crisscross manner.

To up the cool ante, graphics are embroidered all over the chest, back yoke, and hem.

Verdict: Look your best while riding in with style with the help of this jacket. It not only looks good, but is also functionally great.

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Harley Davidson Women’s Baxley Riding Functional Jacket

This jacket is a mixture of high-quality materials and is creatively designed specifically for you.

It doesn’t just help you feel good but helps you look good too.

A mixture of Polyester (88%) and Nylon (12%) twill, the jacket is made with polyester mesh and has sleeve linings.

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It has a removable zip out vest liner that features side panels which come in handy.

The jacket has been made using thermal reflective technology that helps in regulating the body temperature. This is done by retaining the natural warmth that is generated by the body.

It has two sleeve vents and a horizontal exit vent in the back. The jacket showcases cowhide leather patches on certain areas such as the shoulders, waist tabs, and the zipper pulls.

It has special rivets on the chest pocket, back yoke leather tab, and a metal badge on the front.

The jacket has also got graphics embroidered on the left side of the chest.

Verdict: You can surely opt for this one and you will not be disappointed. This would also serve as winter-wear because of its heat retention capacity.

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Harley Davidson Women’s Evermore 3-IN-1 Functional Riding Jacket

This jacket is another marvellous creation by Harley Davidson.

It’s what you need if you have a lot to carry during your bike ride.

No need to worry about where you can store all the stuff – your pockets in the jacket will help you, all while having a light cloth material to make the summers easy for you.

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It is made with a polyester blend and has stretch comfort action for cosy fitting.

Consisting of 94% polyester, a 6% soft spandex shell, and 6% polyester mesh wicking lining, it is a comfortable fit.

The jacket has body armour pockets that are located at the elbows, the shoulders, and on the back.

It has slightly pre-curved sleeves, extended inset cuffs along with reinforced elbows and shoulders. It also has print accents of bandanas on the zip off spandex hood.

Verdict: Always look your best with Harley Davidson Women’s Evermore 3-IN-1 Functional Riding Jacket. It is a worthy investment.

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Harley Davidson Women’s Westerly Windproof Riding Jacket

Ride in style with this jacket and conquer the world!

It’s windproof which means that you can ride it in nearly any weather when you are out.

Additionally, it’s also lightweight – making it a great buy during summers.

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Made from a polyester blend, it is windproof and durable. The constituents include polyester and spandex.

The jacket also has a polyester mesh lining to allow breathability.

It also has body armour pockets strategically located at the elbows, the shoulders, and at the back.

The jacket showcases a new stretch comfort action back design.

For added ventilation, it also has a mesh insert.

The sleeves are slightly pre-curved along with reinforced elbows and shoulders for maximum comfort and warmth.

The jacket also has bandana print accents on the zip-off polyester-spandex hood.

Verdict: If this is the jacket that appeals to you, you can buy it without sparing a second thought. Let the Harley come out in you.

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Harley Davidson Casual Racing Zip-Up Jacket

This jacket can handle any stressful environment and is suitable when you are engaging in challenging activities.

It can be washed in a machine and is made from a perfect blend of textiles.

70% cotton, 15% nylon, 10% resin, 5% spandex, and 100% pure awesomeness–that is what this jacket is made of.

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It has a two-way zipper front, along with two zipper pockets and inside pockets each.

It has a belt that allows easy adjustment and has cuff slits which are fitted with zipper closures.

The brand logo is embroidered on the left chest and the back.

Verdict: After purchase, your satisfaction is guaranteed because of the comfort this jacket provides you with–the breathability of the material, ruggedness, and its durability.

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Harley Davidson Women’s Westerlie Windproof Functional Jacket

Another Harley creation that will surely win your heart, this jacket might just be the one you have been looking for.

It is made of a polyester blend that is a combination of polyester, spandex soft shell, and mesh wicking lining.

The feel of the jacket is comfortable and soft. You will feel like never taking it off.

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The stretch comfort action back design along the mesh that is present on the jacket allows for better ventilation.

The jacket contains body armour pockets at the shoulders and the back.

It also boasts of pre-curved sleeves, extended inset cuffs, and reinforced elbows and shoulders.

The spandex hood has bandana print accents that makes the jacket look quite attractive.

It is windproof, which means that you do not have to have to worry about sudden weather changes anymore when going out.

Verdict: This will not be a buy that you might regret anytime soon. It ensures quality and functionality. If you are looking for a Harley product to bring out your inner biker, buy this without a single worry.

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Harley Davidson Women’s FXRG Textile Jacket

If you are looking to go the textile way, this is the one you need.

It looks good, has a charm around it, and is so light that you can wear it anytime you want.

It is completely waterproof and windproof, so you can step out on your journey with style.

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Lightweight abrasion and tear resistance makes sure that your jacket remains usable for a long time.

It has a 100% nylon shell that is made using the Cocona Technology.

The jacket has a fixed mesh lining and super fabric material placed at elbows and shoulders for a little extra abrasion resistance.

It is made with stretchable materials placed in strategic locations that aim to provide comfort to the wearer.

The warm liner on the inside can be removed and allows for breathability.

The jacket showcases two vertical vents on the front, two back vertical exit vents, and two shoulder vents.

It is lightweight and has removable body armour that is strategically placed at the elbows and shoulders.

Verdict: Stylish and durable, this jacket is a perfect choice to up your style quotient.

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Harley Davidson Women’s Easy Street Switchback Functional Jacket

Made with 100% water resistant nylon, this is a very good choice.

It is made with crinkle effects and has a polyester mesh body with sleeve linings.

These sleeve panels zip off to reveal a polyester mesh underside.

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The jacket also has a removable, waterproof liner.

It features an elastic waist, thumbholes on cuffs, and a hook-and-loop storm flap.

It has contrasting leather stripes made from pigskin and an embroidered leather patch on the left sleeve.

Verdict: Go for it if you will not settle for anything second best. Comfortable and long lasting, this jacket will ace all your expectations.

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Riding jackets can be made to complement so many outfits and the result is wonderful. On top of that, Harley Davidson always adds something more to its products which you will only perceive once you wear these jackets. So do not wait and get on the Harley bandwagon today!